OEM Materials offers several services and custom packaging solutions designed to help you work more efficiently and achieve your strategic goals. When it comes to packaging, one size rarely fits all. Thus, each of our services is tailored specifically to you and your needs.

Just In Time (JIT) Programs

If your production line uses JIT manufacturing, shouldn’t your shipping department do the same? Our JIT materials and packaging program integrates with production, ensuring Just In Time deliveries that coincide with production. This program can save time and warehouse space.

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Services

Our vendor managed inventory service streamlines your procurement process while ensuring that you have access to the materials you need on short notice. We monitor production schedules and stock levels, adjusting inventory levels based on demand. As a result, you can expect fewer shortages, reduced inventory levels and cost, improved supply chain management, and less seasonal volatility.

Custom Package Design & Prototypes

Whether you need brand new packaging or would like to redesign an existing product’s packaging so that it’s friendlier to the environment, lighter, stronger, easier to use, more economical, or more representative of your brand, our custom packaging design team is up to the task.

Manufacturer's Demos and Training

OEM Materials wants your team to excel. Our popular manufacturer’s demos and training programs are held at your site and customized to address the challenges your shipping and logistics teams encounter every day.

Customized Printing

From custom printed signs to graphics, labels, shipping boxes, and beyond, our customized printing service conveys your message beautifully.

POP Displays

Professionally designed in-store racks and displays can make all the difference in positioning your products for success.

One of our many custom packaging services, thermal-formed clamshells and trays are economical, attractive, and designed to showcase and protect your products. Plastic thermal-formed clamshells are custom designed and produced to completely envelope your product, allowing customers to see and handle it without damaging it.

Thermal-formed Clamshells
and Trays
Die-cut Tapes and Gaskets

Any number of materials can be die-cut including: chipboard, cloth, coated fabrics, adhesive-backed products, tapes, rubber, felt, and more. We offer custom die-cutting services with tapes and gaskets being among the most popular requests.

We take a holistic approach with each project. This involves evaluating all aspects of packaging from design, branding, and usability to JIT deliveries, handling, warehousing, and cost. From there, we develop design concepts and prototypes, working with you the entire time to ensure that all of your requirements are understood and met. We offer high quality packaging and materials solutions that:

  • Align with your company’s goals and values

  • Improve handling and logistics

  • Reduce overall transportation and warehousing costs

  • Protect your products

  • Reduce your costs

Customized Printing

From custom printed signs to graphics, labels, shipping boxes, and beyond, our customized printing service conveys your message beautifully.

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